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Next Election is Just Around the Corner

Well, Franklin, common sense prevailed! The community came out in record numbers (26.77%) to make a statement, as almost eighty percent of the voters made it known that we love our community of Franklin, the mayor running it, and all it stands for. Down ticket incumbents Clyde Barnhill, Brandy Blanton, Ann Petersen, along with newcomer Greg Caesar also won big with each receiving over 10,000 votes, and roughly seventy percent of the vote. See the related story in the Williamson Herald, Landslide! The People Have Spoken.
Our collective efforts to inform and reach out to fellow residents clearly paid off, as indicated by the early voting turnout exceeding the turnout of the three previous municipal elections combined! The messaging served to communicate that, in Franklin and Williamson County, positive, constructive leadership will prevail over the darkness of hate and division.
We, at the Coalition for Common Sense TN want to thank everyone for your efforts, energy, and actions to emphatically demonstrate that this is a great community, with caring and committed leaders, who want to keep Franklin as a great place to live, work, worship, and raise a family.
Because of your efforts, we have won this election, but this is only the first of many fights to come. We want to take this time and celebrate our city and leaders, but will not sit back on our laurels for too long. The next fight is just around the corner and the darkness of extremism we just witnessed will be coming with it. There is no end to the political extreme’s goals to spread fear and intimidation across our community. Just days before the election, our locally owned newspaper, the Williamson Herald was vandalized, for no other reason than they printed the news and published paid advertisements. We cannot allow these threats to our freedoms be tolerated and the best way to demonstrate that is to keep electing the right leaders to represent us across the community. If we do not prevail, more of the same is coming: Enough Is Enough.
So, for now, thank you once again as the community rallied for the right candidates to continue the progress. We will be back in touch as the next election cycle draws closer. Stay tuned….