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Coalition for Common Sense TN Celebrates Resounding Win and Record Voter Turnout in Franklin Elections


FRANKLIN, Tenn. – All five candidates endorsed by the Coalition for Common Sense, a Williamson County-based political action committee, celebrated landslide victories in the Franklin city elections led by Mayor Ken Moore, who captured nearly 80% of votes over Gabrielle Hanson.


Three of the four alderman candidates supported by the Coalition had challengers. All three – incumbents Brandy Blanton and Ann Petersen and newcomer Greg Caesar – received approximately 70% of the votes to win by significantly large margins. The fourth, incumbent Clyde Barnhill, ran unopposed.


“Tuesday was a huge win for not only the candidates but for the future of the city of Franklin,” said Coalition Chairman Bob Ravener. “We had a small, vocal group – many of them who have recently moved to our community – trying to create a wedge in Franklin by trying to focus on divisive issues. The voters spoke loud and clear….’we love our town and appreciate the leadership of our elected officials.’”


The Coalition for Common Sense TN, which is a registered political action committee, was recently formed as a grassroots effort to support elected officials and candidates who have the greater good of the community as a priority versus divisive ideological issues.


“When we launched, our focus was to educate the electorate and drive them to vote…mission accomplished,” added Ravener. “While we certainly appreciate the wins by the candidates we endorsed, it was particularly gratifying to see a record turnout of voters going to the polls. This is the most engaged I’ve seen voters in a local election in quite some time. We are going to build on that for future elections.”


About the Coalition for Common Sense TN


The Coalition for Common Sense TN’s central focus will be in these critical areas:


  1. The Coalition will seek to educate, inform and encourage our community to learn about candidates and their positions.
  2. The Coalition will endorse candidates who, through surveys and other means, are committed to meeting the group’s objective of working for the greater good of the community.
  3. The Coalition will work to increase voter turnout, which has been historically low in local elections.
  4. The Coalition will engage residents and candidates in a civil, respectful manner and will encourage them to do likewise.


For more information on the Coalition for Common Sense TN or to sign up to “Join the Movement,” visit: