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Next Election is Just Around the Corner

Early voting is here! There is only one location for early voting from Oct 4-19, 2023, is the Williamson County Election Commission Office at 405 Downs Blvd. Hours are 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Friday, and Saturdays (Oct. 7 & 14), 8 a.m. to noon. Details can be found at this link: Early Voting Details 10/4-10/19

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 The Coalition for Common Sense TN wants to continue the great success of Franklin with elected officials who have the community’s best interest in mind, using civil discourse, finding common ground, and practicing common sense, to get things done. Using these attributes, the Coalition endorses the following highly qualified and capable candidates for their respective positions:

Office                          Coalition Endorsed     More Information


Mayor                         Dr. Ken Moore            Ken Moore, Mayor of Franklin

Alderman At-Large


Monday’s Candidate Forum at City Hall further indicated why these candidates are the best to lead the city forward over the next four years. Their knowledge, involvement, and commitment to Franklin and the results achieved, make them the clear choices for your vote. These recent news stories paint a very clear picture of the differences between Team Coalition and Team Hanson:

The News – Franklin Mayoral Candidates

The News – Franklin BOMA Candidates

News Channel 5 – White supremacists show force for Franklin Mayoral candidate Gabrielle Hanson

BOX: If you have not already, check out our newly updated website at!

Now is the time for supporters of the Coalition to do your part to help these candidates win in the upcoming election. What you can do to make a difference between now  election day on October 24:

  • Get 23 in 23 – get 23 of your friends and family to tell 23 others about the Coalition/Go vote!
  • Facebook – Like the Coalition Facebook Page: Coalition for Common Sense TN FB Page
  • Volunteer with the Coalition. Contact us at:
  • Support candidates – find the respective websites and social media pages of candidates
  • VOTE! Every ballot matters in this extremely important election.